Winter garden clean-up and cooking something new.

It has been a few weeks since the snow storm. To us here in The Piedmont of North Carolina, a snow storm is almost two or three inches.

I cut down the Vivex bamboos which had broken and split. They average about 30 feet tall and 5 inches in diameter. I am sure I will find a use for them in the garden somewhere.

I haven’t shared a recipe for some time. I have wanted to make red curry with vegetables as it is my favorite. Here is my first attempt.

Asian vegetables in red curry and coconut milk

  • 2 bags frozen Asian/stir fry vegetables
  • 2 cans coconut milk
  • Red curry sauce
  • Can of water chestnuts
  • Fresh ginger and two cloves of garlic
  • A few mushrooms
  • A lime

1) heat a teaspoon of olive oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat

2) cut a piece of the ginger about an half-an-inch thick, cut off the skin, and mince it and the garlic (and mushrooms, if using) Add them to the Dutch oven and stir around with a wooden spoon to coat with the oil and until they are heated and release their flavor and fragrance – about a minute.

3) add the two cans of coconut milk after shaking them vigorously in the can before opening to mix the coconut fat which has separated. Adjust the heat to high.

4) once the coconut milk reaches a rolling boil add the red curry sauce. You may add as much as you like. I added the entire bottle.

5) add the two bags of Asian vegetables and can of water chestnuts. Once it boils again the vegetables should have thawed and be heated thoroughly. Reduce the heat to simmer.

6) squeeze half the lime into the pot, cut the other half to garnish. Serve wth rice.

I also added a bag of frozen broccoli because I wanted more vegetables and I always have frozen broccoli in the freezer. The amount of red curry paste will affect the yellow color and hotness of the final sauce.



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7 responses to “Winter garden clean-up and cooking something new.

  1. Your cooking is making me hungry! It looks so good.


  2. Any idea what is in red curry sauce (I ask because I don’t like green curry sauce)?


  3. You already cleaned up the garden. It is still too wet over here to start even! A lovely tasty recipe fit for me! Yumm!


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