First frost.

Last night was the coldest night this season. The ground and houses all have a white coating this morning as did the car windshields.

And most of the tropicals look like they have some frost damage.

The gingers have some frost damage, too, but the flowers look fine!

There are a few tomatoes in the garden which were green last week but have ripened now. I will have to eat them tonight!

The ginkos around town are beautiful. This is a female in Hargett Square across from town hall. It produces plenty of fruit with the tasty nuts inside. They do not smell as bad as most state they do!

A few maples around town have held on to their leaves.There are so many hybrids now and many of those are a cross between several species.

My favorite flower at this time of the year are the Camellia sasanquas!

Two days until Thanksgiving! So the first frost is right on time!



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7 responses to “First frost.

  1. It is that time of year. We had a frost the night before and I had to move all the tropicals in pots inside. Your camellias are beautiful!


  2. We’ve had a few freezes here but no measurable snow yet. It’s been a mild November for a change!

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  3. The ginkgos do have amazing fall color, don’t they?


  4. Since our frost on Monday, temperatures have once more risen, which I can’t say I am sad about. I hope your Tropicana etc aren’t significantly damaged. Do you need to protect them over winter?


  5. A beautiful Fall garden! We have had many nights of frost already!
    Have a nice weekend! xxx


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