Daily Archives: August 15, 2015

The dog days of August.

August is a rough time in the Southeast. Temperatures are in high 90sF and its so humid you begin sweating as soon as you walk outside. This time is often called the dog days of August!

The garden loves this weather especially if you water daily!

Every bed is thick and lush.

Gus enjoys hunting through the overgrown beds but they look messy to a non-gardener.

In September I sometimes will mow the beds around the patio to clean things up a bit.

The four-o-clocks will continue to bloom until frost. The blooms open in the evening and remain open all night for moths and other night pollinators.

The Autumn clematis are beginning to bloom. The starry fragrant flower will bloom into September then the seed heads will last until winter.

Ask me in a month if I am ready for Fall. By then we all are tired of the heat and humidity and are ready for cool temperatures!


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