Let the season begin!

Every morning I begin my day with a iced mocha latte, of course.

I have made several trips to nurseries on my days off this week! I have decided that 2015 with be the Summer of the Begonia! I purchased a large flat of pink begonias and several other plants, including a Snowdrop or Silverbell Tree (Halesia).

The City of Raleigh and the State of North Carolina have finally agreed to a purchase agreement for the Dorothea Dix Hospital property creating a future park almost in the heart of the city.  This street on the back of the 300 acres of the future park is my favorite because of the large oaks and Sycamores. I take this way to the Farmer’s Market on the back side of the State owned property and North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus.

It must have been too early at 8am on a Friday because it was quiet at the Farmer’s Market?

Later Friday afternoon we enjoyed the great weather and walked about Downtown Raleigh. The Union Square is where the State Capitol building is located and has several specimens of the North Carolina native trees planted through out the square. The State Capitol Building was spared from destruction during the US Civil War and is a beautiful building.

Even Tobaccolandia (as I call her) holding up a tobacco leaf at the war memorial is beautiful with the SECU building as a backdrop in the afternoon light.

Tropical storm Ana is just off the coast today and the sky is becoming very dark! Some rain would be nice!

I took this early morning picture of Gus and the wildflowers along the street. It was dark which makes the picture fuzzy.

As usual, we walked over to The Borough and their great patio on the corner of Dawson and Morgan Streets to enjoy some drinks.

And dessert at Lucettegrace

I am ready for summer!


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12 responses to “Let the season begin!

  1. Laurin Lindsey

    Looks like a great way to prepare for summer! I look forward to seeing your begonias planted and blooming : ) Cheers!

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  2. It’s been feeling summery here too. Like you, we could really use some rain. I hope you got some!

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing pictures of beautiful Raleigh. I enjoyed the tour and think this post is wonderful!!!


  4. Hi Arthur – the summer of the begonia – I tried to order begonias from this place check out the BEAUTIFUL flower http://www.blackmore-langdon.com/product/APRICOT+DELIGHT – I then bought a book on growing tuberous begonias and realised that blackmore and langdon is THE go to place for begonias, by the time I got there they were fully out of stock…I really wanted some large flowering begonias – anyhow I ordered some – I have now planted them but I am way behind sadly – not sure whether I will have any this year. maybe the farmer’s market was quiet because everyone else got there at 6am in a feeding frenzy? Happy Week to you! I have chili seedlings growing still on the heating mat but they are damping down now which is frustrating as I am about to go away and leave them to someone else to look after…


  5. An iced mocha latte sounds like a great way to start the day!


  6. I can see that, dear Arthur! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely tour! Really enjoyed that too! 🙂 xxx


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