A beautiful day for some garden work!

It’s around 52f today but sunny with a bright blue sky! It’s a great day for yard work!

The garden centers seem desperate for business so you can find some greats deals! I took the opportunity to add to my hellebore collection!

I purchased a Josef Lemper and a Merlin to add to my collection!


I have been building my collection along the front walk for ten years and the oldest plants are large and reseeding.The new hybrids seem to reseed prolifically!


It will be interesting to see what colors the flowers will be as this clump has a parent which is pink!


Of course, Gus enjoys the sun and is very content to chew limbs which fall from the trees on this very windy day!




Warm days like this remind me that we only have about a month of winter here in the Piedmont of North Carolina!

The spring bulbs are reminding me, too!




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17 responses to “A beautiful day for some garden work!

  1. Why don’t I have hellebore in my garden? I must get some, yours are gorgeous! Sadly, spring flowers will not be poking up here until April

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  2. It’s going to be a little while before we see any of that here. The snowbanks in my back yard are now at shoulder height.


  3. Amazed you say it was windy – the photos look very calm 😊.


  4. Your hellebores look great! They do not grow well here, so I will enjoy yours.


  5. Love hellebore! mine are coming up nicely and I have 3 I’m enjoying on the porch, will plant the in am week or two. I tend to have better luck with the old fashion varieties, the newer cultivars seem to be a little fussy.


  6. BIG ENVY!!! We just had 14 1/2 inches dropped and zero weather…I had to double check your date to make sure I was not reading an older post-beautiful! You give me hope, for if you are having spring it means ours is not too far down the road!:-)


  7. Just lovely! I envy your green thumb 🙂


  8. Great Post and I am glad you included Gus!


  9. A lovely work-out planting in the graden,..Your dog looks very relaxed though!

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