Someone save me from the Hellebores!

When the hellebore are blooming during this time of the year I want to buy hundreds of them and plant throughout the garden!

The newer hybrids bloom heavily and for such a long season! Below is the hybrid HCG Jacob.


Several camellia are blooming, too!


Snowdrops are still blooming, too!


Tonight will be there coldest all season!


And that means it is soup season –

French onion soup


Or a potato and turnip greens soup


Or a very much chicken and dumpling stew


And the Raleigh Farmers Market is loaded with cool season veggies so the combinations are endless!


But than I am surprised when I am walking through Home Depot checking out the Christmas clearance and I spot a table of huge Batflower plants! It is such a rare find!


There are reputed to be difficult to grow in a house so I don’t spend the $34.95 but it was tempting since they are rarely seen. Maybe they will be the next trendy plant?


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15 responses to “Someone save me from the Hellebores!

  1. I’ve never seen a batflower plant, very cool! Your so lucky to live and garden in the south. Those temps look balmy compared to ours!

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  2. Thanks for the beautiful promise of spring flowers. In Montreal we woke to -28C with a wind chill of -38, no flowers outdoors but Jack Frost danced across the indoors of windows last night!


  3. I say go for the Hellebores! I have one sad Hellebore here that never blooms, but won’t die. I always hold out hope. Your soup looks great. We are about 5 degrees warmer here.


  4. I read on another blog that all the camellias in a California garden weren’t scented! I hope yours are. I don’t blame you for wanting more hellebores, they’re beautiful.
    I’ve never heard of the batflower.
    We had -12 here this morning. Soup sounds good!


  5. Hell Yeah for the Hellebores! I also love Camelia’s but my plants are not yet in bloom!
    That special batflower plant looks like a real alien but kind of cool too! 😉


  6. Wow, that is quite a find at Home Depot. They will surprise you with things like that! I do love my Hellebores.


  7. I can see and where the obsession is coming from, trust me! What a beautiful flower 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

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