The many signs of Fall.

Here in The Middle South I enjoy the Fall. Usually, Spring and Fall are short seasons but Autumn can be very colorful!

The basjoo bananas bloom and fruit!


Eastern Red Maple


Chinese Pistache


Red Twig Dogwood


Sugar Maple


Hardy Citrus


And camellia sasanqua


And walks around downtown Raleigh




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10 responses to “The many signs of Fall.

  1. Fall colors are the best. Does your plant make and bananas or does it freeze?


  2. Beautiful. You have so much knowledge. I’d love to walk around with you one day and have you identify everything for me.


  3. I loved all of your wonderful fall photos. We definitely feel that fall is our favorite time to garden. The cooler temperatures and the bountiful harvest draw our attention away from what was, to the beautiful changes before us.

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  4. You’ve got some great color there. I like the color of Chinese Pistache. I’ve never heard of it but it reminds me of our sumac.

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  5. Raleigh is such a beautiful place and your pictures are wonderful

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  6. growntocook

    A fruiting banana in your garden – wow! The colors are beautiful!


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