Spring fever!

Spring is definitely in the air! Our last hard frost is usually the second week of March with the possibility of light frost until mid-April. As plants have begun to grow the damage from the attic blast we received a month ago is become apparent.

The Asian magnolias buds are opening and the ends of the petals are frost-burnt.


The forsythia seemed to have no damage. Although, I seem to not be able to focus! 🙂


A hellebore I purchased a few years ago blooms with a wonderful dark flower. I guess this is why it is named Dark Lady?


Even the Japanese Pachysandra has blooms!


There are a few of my oldest plants which are in need of a good trim! This Japanese Holly Fern is about 8 years old and the Arctic blast has damaged a few fronds but there are also many old and dead fronds around the base. I think I will remove them all to allow the new fiddler heads room and refresh the clump which is about four feet wide now.


The German Iris are unharmed and growing rapidly. When I purchased the house there was two large pines right next to the house here. They were removed and the roots were ground and mixed in the soil. The irises grew rapidly and were beautiful – until an attack of iris borers a few seasons ago! They are slowly recovering.  Yes, I know. The rain barrels are not the most beautiful thing to have next to the front porch but they are a life saver during the Summer.


This weekend should very warm and sunny so after  we attended the Raleigh’s Saint Patrick Day’s Parade (http://raleighstpats.org/) and events, which include sampling every food truck there,  I plant to spend the entire weekend in the garden!



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13 responses to “Spring fever!

  1. That Arctic blast really did some damage. But those Hellebores are really beautiful. I hope you have a great weekend in your garden (and Gus too)!-Karen.


  2. How tall do forsythia grow? Am interested in planting some but have been warned I need to think about where to put them.

    Looks like your garden is doing well apart from a little frost damage.


  3. I hope the latest cold blast doesn’t reach that far south. We’re supposed to see below zero temps again tonight.


  4. Carol B

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Mr. Green Thumb. Arthur’s Garden looks great (even the smart-barrels.) Loving the pop of colors!


  5. Have a great weekend in the garden!


  6. Me too waiting for spring! You have wonderful weekend.


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