Winter has settled in …

Temperatures are regularly reaching the low 30s now but there still is plenty of color and life in the garden.

Some creature was hungry and was able to remove one of the side covers from the kitchen compost bin . I will have to shore it up with some bricks or rocks.


The nandinas, which line the fence and house, are loaded with berries.


The Oakleaf hydrangeas are still holding on to a few red leaves.


“Jacob” hellebore is loaded with buds.


This clump of galanthus has been blooming for a month!


Many plants which look dead still provide some structure and architectural detail to the Winter garden:

Basjoo banana


And hydrangeas


Also, the Boylan Heights Neighborhood ArtWalk was last Sunday. Lots of people and some interesting art.


Paper Flowers from Flower Thyme


And the chickens in the community garden were busy checking out all the activity!




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8 responses to “Winter has settled in …

  1. I have had the same problem with my composter. No matter how many cords and rocks I used animals still got into it. I think it was raccoons. I love your hellebore. They do not do well here. I have one plant that has lived for years and every few years it may make a flower. It is so interesting looking at blogs to get an idea of what is growing in different areas.


  2. Your garden still looks good in spite of the cooler weather. I’d take the lower 30s, it was 10 below zero here this morning.


  3. Darn those critters! But it must be lovely to still have those beautiful flowers this time of year!


  4. Wish nandinas could survive our cold winters…love all the berries. Although with all the deer and turkeys, I’m sure the berries wouldn’t last long here. 🙂


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