Thanksgiving, Christmas Black Friday sales, and a tornado on the coast of North Carolina!

It’s unusual to have tornadoes when the weather is cool. They usually require storms created during hot and humid weather to form the thunderstorms which produce them.

Last Tuesday a tornado hit Atlantic Beach, North Carolina then crossed the Inter-coastal Waterway and striking Morehead City, North Carolina damaging buildings. This is the area where I grew up on the Southeast coast of the United States.

The National Weather Service estimated the maximum winds were 125 miles per hour. It left a 200 yard wide path and was on the ground for just over five miles!

When I was home over the holidays we drove through a few of the areas which were hit.

Below, Two pine trees on the garage of a house.


Trees on a car.


Luckily, no one was killed or seriously injured!

Thanksgiving was the usual feast with my family which included turkey, ham, coconut pie, many other typical desserts and sides! I was stuffed making it worth the two-and-a-half hour drive!

Hmmm, old-fashioned coconut pie!


Playing with my nephews dachshund, Rosco, who is as feisty as Gus!


I also had the opportunity to attend an early Black Friday sale with my sisters at 8pm on Thanksgiving. Hundreds of women fighting over $19.99 boots! It was crazy! I stood back with the husbands and just watched. It took about half-an-hour until the stacks were gone!


People were also putting out their Christmas decorations!



Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


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7 responses to “Thanksgiving, Christmas Black Friday sales, and a tornado on the coast of North Carolina!

  1. Tornadoes are bad at any time but especially so right now. I’m glad that nobody got hurt!


  2. Tornado – frightening but luckily nobody got hurt, looks like the Tornado is replicated in the shops on Black Friday, where apparently there are already 15 casualties according to local newspapers. Seems humans are more dangerous to each other most of the time than nature is. And looking at all those people in the shop I’d have to say that boots for 19.99 are so not worth it… and i am solidly a shoes and bag type of person 🙂
    But if you love big open outdoor spaces seems to me you’d need a tranquilizer to just fight your way through the masses 🙂
    coconut pie looks delicious, do you have a recipe? The french make a beautiful coconut flan too.


  3. We also had some tornadoes with a lot of damage to some communities in central Illinois.


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