Fall continues to roll in.

Fall continues to roll in. The nights have cooled to the 60s and the days are barely in the 80s now.

It’s hurricane season. We have not had one come this far inland in years but it has happened before. It’s not always a bad thing. They clean out all the dead limbs in the trees and wash out the rivers of all the debris that has accumulated over the years. The last storm that made it inland punctured the roof of the house with a large limb.  I always wonder: Will this be the year?

The vegetable garden has produced its last few chilies and the tomatoes have long died. The basil plants are so large they are like small shrubs. I think I may be attempting to make pesto soon?


Winter is the time when I focus on the hardscape in the garden and attempt to correct any ideas about the layout of the beds that seemed to not work over the season.

Throughout the year I take pictures of ideas in public gardens or around town as reminders of elements I would like to have in my garden.

I particularly like this stone wall and capstone JC Raulston Arboretum installed in their lathe house. I would like something similar on the North side of the patio as that is the high end of my sloping property. It would provide a place to sit or display potted plants and also frame the bay laurels I have planted there. The cap stones are beautiful.


Garden spiders continue to appear out of nowhere! Beautiful yet creepy!


And Fall bloomers continue to create a beautiful palate of color and fragrance.



And I think ahead to next year and make my wish list:

I dream of gingers… the clump below are a peach-colored and  variegated leaved plant at J C Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University.


And the wish list becomes longer every day…


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13 responses to “Fall continues to roll in.

  1. It doesn’t look like it would be too hard to recreate the wall / capstone but it might be expensive, depending on how long you wanted to build it.


  2. great idea to photograph gardens that inspire you, I do that with container plantings. Gingers – I dream of them too, I think they need to go in the earth though to survive the winter in our climates. thanks for the post.


  3. Many of us keep an eye on the weather this time of year. I always stock up on food that will keep. We were hit with two hurricanes in recent years and the worst part was collecting all my yard art before we were hit. I love Gingers and have about 30 different varieties. Most are pictured somewhere on my blog.


  4. It is offical Fall over here in Belgium too! I also got the latest of my red chili peppers & ate the last home grown red cherry tomatoes,..deep sigh but Fall is my favourite time of year,.. so I am really happy! 🙂
    Your garden is looking good though & that spider is indeed very creepy,…In my garden, they are getting bigger each year,…


  5. That is one creepy spider!


  6. I love that spider! I too dream of low stone walls, though I would make mine out of long, narrow pieces of limestone, in the style of Jens Jensen.


  7. That garden spider is sure creepy at that size! But the peppers are beautiful.


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