More fall bloomers and SPARKcon

The colchicums are blooming! They are wonderful Fall bloomers that remind me of a giant Fall blooming crocus. After they bloom they grow wide, thick leaves which die back in the spring.


The hurricane lilies (lycoris) continue to bloom. After they bloom the foliage grows and persist through out the winter then dies in the spring.


And the garden in general is very lush because of a wetter than normal summer.


Of course, it’s best to begin the morning with an heavenly iced double mocha latte at Cup A Joe! Um, what does she have hand?


This weekend is SPARKcon in Raleigh which is an celebration of all the arts. There are sub-festivals such as musicSPARK, fashionSPARK, danceSPARK, etc- all named after the respective class of art.

Last night was circusSPARK. Fayetteville Street was closed and circus-type performers were doing their thing. The cooler weather was perfect!




Fall is just around the corner!


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3 responses to “More fall bloomers and SPARKcon

  1. What a beautiful garden! Hehe, funny photo of the girl in the coffee shot.


  2. Not many people seem to know about colchicums, but I’ve always liked them. Another common name for them is autumn crocus and up here in the frozen north their leaves grow out in spring after the ground thaws.


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