What to do on a day off?

The nights have continued to cool as Fall nears. The day temperature as only in the mid eighties now. That’s cool for us.

Chores in the garden are mainly cleaning and pruning. The old limbs on the hydrangeas have been removed. Dead limbs and flowers removed from others. I am totally in “Clean up” mode.

Pine cones are falling from the pines and the squirrels are burying acorns in the garden and beds.

The wildflowers beds have all gone to seed and the goldfinches and other small seed eating finches are enjoying the feast.


The wildflower beds along the street curb were looking a little ragged and there were some patches of invading lawn grass so I mowed the beds with the lawn mower and then dug out the clumps of grass.

Gus was investigating the cleaned beds for anything to chase!


I seeded the beds with oxeye dasies which will bloom next year and cleome or spiderflower which is an annual and should bloom quickly this Fall and provide some Fall color.

Incense Passionflower along the fence continues to bloom and will do so until frost. They are fragrant but can be weedy and spread by underground stolons.


The Butterfly or Ginger lilies began blooming a few weeks ago and will continue until frost, too. They have a sweet fragrance and form strong clumps of bamboo like stems about 5 feet tall. Once they begin to bloom they tend to lean over.


An unusual morning glory is blooming on the garden gate. The flowers do not open but have an unusual striping effect. So unusual. I didn’t plant it but I did have some pink varieties late year so it must be a seedling.


The large beds of liriope are blooming, also. Such a harbinger of Fall! The beds are full of bees. These run along the fence from the road up to the house.


Of course, it’s time to think about planting Spring flowering bulbs and even Fall flowering mums. Stacks and stacks of bulb catalogs sit on my desk. I don’t even bother to look because I know I will want a few of everything! Maybe I can just get a few lily bulbs or maybe a trout lily or two? Just a few. Just a few.


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9 responses to “What to do on a day off?

  1. That photo of your passion flower is amazing! I have always wanted to grow one of those. Do they do well in zone 5? I read the fruit is edible. I have to laugh at your final comment, just a few, a few….I can never just get a few..that is why I stay away from catalogs or stores, but I confess I did get some crocus for next spring-the bees love them:-)


  2. The best thing to do on a day off would be absolutely nothing, but there’s a fat chance of that happening if you’re a gardener. I’ve never heard of the butterfly lily but I like the sounds of it. It’s too bad that morning glory doesn’t open. It looks like it would be a real beauty.


  3. The ginger lily looks like it comes from another planet: strange but very cool! 🙂 Thanks!


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