A cool day for some garden clean-up.

Temperatures have been in the 40s the past few mornings. This makes it very difficult to get out of bed except to run downstairs and let Gus out just long enough to do his business.

By noon, it’s warmed up to the 60s so I took the opportunity to clean out the vegetable beds and seed them with arugula or rocket.

Arugula is a cool season green with a spicy bite! What I don’t eat will be dug in as a green manure.

The first step is to rake the beds from all four sides. I rake the top couple inches loose and pull the soil toward the side I am working from. I do this from all four sides.


I then removed any large roots and stems. There were also two maple seedlings so they were potted up and moved to the nursery.


The soil was raked level. In the Spring I will add fresh compost and leaf mulch to improve the soil’s drainage and nutrients. I am lucky that the previous owner of the house for 40 years was a gardener and had really improved the clay soil.

I then seeded the beds heavily with the arugula.


There were a few green tomatoes and jalapeños to harvest. All the plant material went to the compost pile.


I don’t usually like perfumy soaps but I am on my last bar of Nekkid Girl lavender soap and I love it. It smells so good! I purchased about 5 bars of different botanical soaps from Miranda and I have enjoyed them all.


Ahhhh! Now off to Cup-A-Joe for an iced mocha double latte!


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