Breakfast on a day off!

A day off during the work week! After visiting Cup-A-Joe for coffee and reading the paper I decided to make some French Toast, which is my favorite breakfast food!

First, set you pan on the stove on high and make your dip by mixing whole eggs and milk. You may add spices or flavorings at this time, too! Sometimes I add vanilla or chipotle or fresh herbs from the garden.

Dip your bread making sure all sides are coated. You don’t always have to use sandwich bread. Any spongy bread will do. Day old French bread makes a nice, thick French toast!

I prefer to use butter to coat my pan but some may use other fats like olive oil or sunflower oil. You may want to turn the temp down once you are ready to add the butter depending how much you want to brown the bread.

Once each side has browned they are ready. I like to stack and cut them before eating, spreading syrup between each slice. You may also add spices or herbs at this stage, too! I also like to cook the left over egg and milk mixture and use it as a side scrambled eggs.

So much better than anything frozen and it only takes about 15 minutes! Don’tcha think?

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