Incrediball Hydrangea

Incrediball Hydrangea!

Incrediball Hydrangea is living up to its name!

Warm Vanilla Sugar

The cool thing about working part time at a bookstore is that…well, you get to see all the new books that come out! You can talk to customers about good books they’ve read and skim through books from all different genres in hopes to find a new and fun read.

Recently this 50 Shades of Grey trilogy has blown up. Gone crazy. Made people mad excited. It’s cool, I get it, and since these books are my store’s biggest seller by far, I knew I had to read it. So, I did…and the book had me hooked.

It’s weird, the entire story is unbelievable, the writing is bad, the male character is seriously messed up and into painful sex, but there I was….reading my sexy book in the park while sipping iced tea, in bed at night while my boyfriend made fun of me, and in between baking times while…

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