A little snow at 3am!

The only reason I noticed it had snow because I woke up and noticed it was very bright outside and thought it was morning!

Nope! Only the light reflecting off all the snow!

Palmettos under snow!



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More Fall bloomers

One of the most fragrant shrubs I’d blooming in the South right now!


They eventually reach 8 to10 wide and tall within 10 years and are loaded with small white fragrant blooms in October!

The bananas are large and lush by this time of the year but no bananas this year but many trees around Raleigh are showing their Fall colors!

And the large basjoo bananas and the short but  beautiful fruiting Pink Velvet Banana!


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After Hurricane Florence

In Raleigh we did not receive the worst of Hurricane Florence. The electricity did go off at 5 am Friday morning and did not come back on until 1pm Saturday,

In the middle of the storm the Colchicums bloomed! They are like giant fall crocus:

And a moonflower

And Passion flower

Here are some photographs from around Raleigh:

The Coast and Wilmington area are much worse…


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