Fall clean up and finding things in the garden!

The first frost really forces you to get going on cleaning up the garden! The big leaves of the paulownia cover the patio. They actual decompose very quickly but because of their size they seem a mess!


The flowering gingers and other herbaceous perennials all become mushy so the best tool to cut the stems are kitchen shears!


The sad looking beds of flowering gingers …


Become piles of mushy stems.


And don’t you love it when you find garden tools which had disappeared earlier in the season?


I wondered what happened to those? I was beginning to think I was having a senior moment and had sent them off for recycling!


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9 responses to “Fall clean up and finding things in the garden!

  1. Great news about the garden tools! Yes, tidying up is the big job for the season….

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  2. I always think about future archeologists digging up gardening tools and eyeglasses and wondering about rituals involving throwing tools back into gardens.

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  3. I lost my wedding ring in the garden. Never have found it. Fortunately, my sweetie gave me a new one and all is well in the world.

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  4. Gardening outdoors ended a while back in Montreal. Where is your garden?
    I wish I could grow ginger outdoors. Here we bury gingerroot in the ground to keep it fresh in the summer.

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  5. That type of clipper is relatively easy to take apart and should clean up as good as new.

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  6. hahahahahahahahahha! 🙂 Great post!


  7. jealous of your garden! I miss that living in the city..

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