Hot nights are patio nights..

The typical Summer temperatures have arrived for The South.  Hot! Humid! Muggy!

Well after sunset the air may still be thick with humidity which gives weight to the Southern saying: “Its not the heat, its the humidity!”

Its a good time for a cookout and patio party!

They always seem to begin with my good friend: Bad Penny!

Pot luck is the way to go as there is so much food as more people arrive throughout the evening. The first cookout I had years ago I tried to do it all myself. It was too much to do alone and stressful. I have discovered its easier on me and the food is much more diverse if I went Potluck!


There can never be too many chairs!


Once the sun goes down and the air cools it becomes more comfortable or maybe it was the several Bad Penny’s which I had consumed by then?


It was fun to have everyone over and so much food! I was so tired but my belly was full!

Tired and exhausted from cleaning the patio furniture and shopping for hamburgers and food I retired to watch “Milk” again.


Such a good movie! Cue the tissue!



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6 responses to “Hot nights are patio nights..

  1. We’re having a taste of your weather here right now.

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  2. hahahahahha! lOoks like fun, where women not invited?


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