Kim’s garden

So I was over to Kim’s house helping with some Fall clean up. The ornamental sweet potato vines had grown to kudzu proportions! They must have been 7 to 8 feet long! When she pulled the vines up they were attached to large, white sweet potatoes. I was not sure if they were eatable so we tossed them with the vines anyway.


Our day began at Cup-A-Joe for a latte. We then stopped by a local garden center to purchase a few mums and pansies for some Fall color.


While working on cleaning the yard we were carefully watched!


Underneath him this white euphorbia (Euphorbia hypericifolia) was beginning to bloom.


Her begonias were still blooming strong.


The nights are continuing to cool with temps in the upper 50sf but the days still reach into the 70sf. Plants will continue continue to bloom as long as we do not have a killing frost. Many blooming plants may make it to Thanksgiving!



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4 responses to “Kim’s garden

  1. Kim

    This was fun & so helpful! Thanks again for all your help 🙂


  2. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension System ornamental sweet potato tubers are edible but have a “poor flavor or even a bitter taste.”


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