Accidents in the kitchen and things like that.

Sometimes you start to cook something, then you become distracted, make a major mistake, and have to save the meal.

I began to make French onion soup but when I realized the onions were burning I added the broth before dusting the onions with flour. In an effort to save this soup I added flour after the broth which made a thick soup. By now I thought I might as well add a few cut up potatoes to make kind-of a French Onion and Potato Soup. Then again, I like potatoes any time of the day and cooked any way!

1) Cook about four onions and two garlic gloves which both have been chopped in 1/2 cup of butter until soft. I added two bay leaves and a teaspoon of thyme, too! Season with Kosher salt and fresh black pepper at this time.


2) Once the onions are soft and are beginning to caramelize add about 4 cups of broth and bring to a boil. Added three tablespoons of flour. Stir vigorously to incorporate. Add a few potatoes that have been peeled and cut into about one inch chunks. I added a tablespoon of Balsamic vinegar. The potatoes should be soft and cooked in about 15 to 20 minutes.


3) Serve with bread. I chose cornbread but French bread would be great. You can also add cheese!


Spring continues to arrive in the garden.



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11 responses to “Accidents in the kitchen and things like that.

  1. It looks yummieeeeeee……:)


  2. This sounds delicious. Hard to go wrong with onions and potatoes.


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  4. Congratulations
    I have nominated your blog for the WordPress Family Award.

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  5. “I like potatoes anytime of day…” Oh, I so agree, maybe it’s the Irish in me!!


  6. themysticalmansion

    That makes me hungry! Will have to try it. What are the flowers in the last photo?


  7. Thanks for sharing. Soon we will be picking many onions and we’re always looking for new ideas, I can only imagine how good the smell is!


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